About Orbai

ORBAI is developing Artificial General Intelligence that is more like what we expect AI to be – more like us. We are developing artificial people that use advanced Gen3 spiking neural networks so they can think, act communicate, and learn more like us. As they take on more jobs, become better at all of these skills combined, and continue to evolve together – they can become something more than human.

From these creations come speech interfaces that converse with you fluently, and get better just by talking to you, and pick up your vocabulary and sayings, artificial vision systems that learn to see and identify objects in the world as they encounter them, and robots, drones, cars, toys, consumer electronics and homes that use all of this together to truly perceive the world around them, precisely plan and control their actions and movement, and learn as they explore and interact, and truly become artificially intelligent and much more useful.

ORBAI's Gen3 AI is our flagship, using this neural net technology to power our artificial people, giving them vision, hearing, speech, and lifelike animation so they can interact with you and be able to work real jobs, like Dr Ada, Medical AI, or Justine Falcon, Legal AI. By using near-photorealistc computer graphics for our 3D animated characters, we can project them life-size at 4K onto holographic screens that makes them look like they are standing right in front of you, suspended in mid air, or display them on a cell phone. This same technology can also extend directly to humanoid robots that can interact just as realistically once the robotic hardware matures.

link: ORBAI Tech Video

We will license these AI technologies to companies doing applications for robotics, drones, customer service bots, self-driving cars, and smart devices and homes, giving them much better vision, speech interfaces, control, and decision making.

We will sell directly to Fortune 500 customers and leverage the sales channels of our partners (who already provide computer hardware and solutions) to reach a much larger number of mid-size and large customers wanting to use AI in their services and products.

The market for AI technologies, products and services is forecast to grow into the trillions in the next 5 years, and we will have a very powerful, flexible, and unique AI technology, tool-sets, and products (that will be superior to today’s deep learning technologies) that we can bring to this exploding market.