About Orbai

ORBAI develops revolutionary Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology based on our proprietary and patent-pending time-domain neural network architecture for computer vision, sensory, speech, navigation, planning, and motor control technologies that we license for applications in AI, to put the ‘smarts’ in robots, drones, cars, appliances, toys, homes and many other consumer applications.

Imagine speech interfaces that converse with you fluently, and get better just by talking to you, and pick up your vocabulary and sayings, artificial vision systems that learn to see and identify objects in the world as they encounter them, and robots, drones, cars, toys, consumer electronics and homes that use all of this together to truly perceive the world around them, precisely plan and control their actions and movement, and learn as they explore and interact, and truly become artificially intelligent and much more useful.

ORBAI's Bidirectional Interconnected Complementary Hierarchical Neural Networks are a novel, patented AI architecture using two interleaved spiking neural networks that work together to train each other to perform tasks in a manner similar to how the human sensory cortices operate and learn. As a result, they train by simply sensing and interacting with the real world, learning from experience, context, and practice, not requiring canned training data nor explicit training sessions.

We prototype and test this technology in our humanoid hologram and android creations because driving the sensory system, AI, and motion control of humanoids takes far more advanced, powerful, and flexible neural networks architectures than what today's DL technologies can deliver, making it ideal for motor control and sensory applications like vision, hearing and touch in these and other robotic, drone, auto, smart appliance, and smart home applications.

link: ORBAI Demo Video

We will sell annual, per-seat licenses for a software design toolkit called NeuroCAD to AI engineers that will allow them to construct, test, and scale these novel neural networks to do functions like vision, speech, control, and decision making and to test them and integrate them into their products like the above. We will license both the network technology itself and pre-built network modules for integration and deployment in their products on a royalty basis, so our revenue scales with theirs. We will also build our own premier products with these tools and technologies to showcase all the high-end features and to generate additional revenue.

We will sell directly to fortune 500 customers and leverage the sales channels of our partners (who already provide computer hardware and solutions) to reach a much larger number of mid-size and large customers wanting to use AI in their services and products. For academia and startups, we will provide a free license of NeuroCAD with restricted features to learn and prototype with.

The market for AI technologies, products and services is forecast to grow into the trillions in the next 5 years, and we will have a very powerful, flexible, and unique AI technology, toolsets, and products (that will become superior to today’s deep learning technologies by 2020) that we can supply to this exploding market.

Check out our seed funding round on fundable: https://www.fundable.com/orbai