About Orbai

ORBAI: Solving the Limitations of Today’s Artificial Intelligence

What we usually think of as Artificial Intelligence (AI) today, when we see human-like robots and holograms in our fiction, talking and acting like real people and having human-level or even superhuman intelligence and capabilities, is actually called Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), and it does NOT exist anywhere on earth yet. What we actually have for AI today is much simpler and much more narrow Deep Learning (DL) that can only do some very specific tasks better than people. It has fundamental limitations that will not allow it to become AGI, so if that is our goal, we need to innovate and come up with better networks and better methods for shaping them into an artificial brain.

ORBAI is developing Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) that can learn from the world it experiences without supervision, encode that information and store it in a hierarchical memor system like our own that can recall that information to recall past events, focus on the present, or predict into the future. On-demand, it can concentrate and narrow it to provide accurate, relevant information briefs and very specific forecasts that are tailored for the customer's needs, using its prediction capability that make it a modern day oracle. It will also provide online AI professional services like customer service, personal assistant, financial advisor, medical, legal, and other more advanced ones using an advanced language interface for speech and text and a back end that holds all of human knowledge in that area.

Companies could use it to plan their corporate strategy via their current Enterprise Resource Planning tools by interfacing them to our AGI and having it watch and learn their company’s internal operations, gather data about their whole ecosystem of customers, suppliers, partners, competitors, and the other market factors, then forecast different timelines and how they evolve into the future differently according to their decisions, allowing you to optimize their corporate decision-making and plan effective prescient timelines for product development, marketing/PR, sales, finance, legal,… into the future.

Ordinary people can use it to plan their lives, evaluating different decisions they could make, from career, to marriage, to finances, and to see the trajectory of events that would result, and the probable outcomes. They can access AGI professional services like Finance, Legal, Medical, Counselor, Fitness Advisor, and hundreds of others, and these services would be available globally, rivaling the best such services by humans.

Brent Oster founded ORBAI in 2018, after spending 10 years at NVIDIA, working as a solution architect in deep learning for 5 years with some of the top AI companies (large and small) in Silicon Valley, trying to help them develop and deploy deep learning solutions on NVIDIA hardware for a wide variety of speech, vision, image recognition, control and automation, and other problems. The conclusion that they often came to when trying to solve more advanced problems was that deep learning was too narrow, restrictive, and unsuited to solving many more general problems, and that conversational voice interfaces with intelligence were a distant goal, so in 2018 he left NVIDIA to start building a new foundation for neural networks that could scale better and solve more general problems ata a human level, and evolve all the way up to a Strong AGI or Superintelligence someday.

ORBAI is working on a new AI architecture with proprietary neural nets, tools, and processes that allow us to build advanced sensory processing and memory systems that mimic the human brain's ability to perceive, remember, predict, and plan. With this and the built in language capability, our Human AI Interface is able to be a powerful conversational voice assistant on platforms like mobile, smart homes and appliances, and in your vehicle, and also perform real information and customer-facing vocations online, like Medical, Finance, Legal, and others. As the Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) core advances, it becomes more powerful, with a broader data reach, and more advanced cognition, planning, prediction, vocational and communication skills.

An Artificial General Intelligence will quickly become the most powerful tool that humanity has ever had, making the revolutions spawned by electricity, computers, and the internet pale by comparison. Where we are now overwhelmed by a world's worth of information we could never humanly assimilate in our work lives and our personal lives, we will have something that can for go through it all for us, and give us exactly what we need, when we need it.