About Us

ORBAI develops revolutionary AI technology based on our proprietary time-domain neural network architecture for computer vision, sensory, speech, navigation, planning, and motor control technologies that we license for applications in AI, robotics, drones, cars, appliances and many consumer applications.

ORBAI's Bidirectional Interconnected Complementary Hierarchical Neural Networks are a novel, patented AI architecture using two interleaved spiking neural networks that work together to train each other to perform tasks in a way similar to how the human sensory cortices do. By doing so, they can train by simply sensing and interacting with the real world, learning from experience, context, and practice, not requiring canned training data nor explicit training sessions.



We prototype and test this technology in our humanoid hologram and android creations because driving the sensory system, AI, and motion control of humanoids takes far more advanced, powerful, and flexible neural networks architectures than what today's DL technologies can deliver, requiring dynamic spiking neural network technology like BICHNN that has rich time-domain behavior, making it ideal for motor control and sensory applications like vision, hearing and touch, that can dynamically learn to sense the environment and control these artificial creations so that they move and act like real people, and have realistic facial expressions and lip synch to go with their intelligent, interactive speech. This is THE killer app for AI.



In addition to powering ORBAIs humanoid hologram and android creations, these advanced networks will be licensed to other companies, and find their widest and most commercially valuable applications in robotics, drones, self-driving cars, smart homes and in vision and speech interfaces anywhere devices or electronic creations need to intelligently interact with people and the world around them and exhibit true artificial intelligence.