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About Orbai


ORBAI is developing Artificial General Intelligence that will enable more advanced AI applications, with conversational speech, human-like cognition, and planning and interaction with the real world, learning without supervision. It will find first use in smart devices, homes, and robotics, then in online professional services with an AGI at the core powering them. 

  • ORBAI’s AGI technology will enable truly smart devices, homes, robots, autonomous vehicles, and online services.
  • AGI capabilities include conversational speech, with superhuman prediction, planning, and cognition enabling intelligent services and apps via SAAS
  • The AI market was $387 billion US in 2022, and with a CAGR of 20%, we expect it would grow to $1,394 billion US by 2027
  • ORBAI has 2 patents pending in artificial general intelligence, one for the underlying tools and technology, and one for the overall AGI architecture.
  • ORBAI has a senior team with decades of experience in software engineering, scientific computing, deep learning, neuroscience, and entrepreneurship, founding 7 companies between our founders.
  • The founder and CEO of ORBAI, Brent Oster, has founded 3 companies, including the successful video game company Bioware (at age 24), which had an $860 million exit in 2007.


ORBAI Artificial General Intelligence

ORBAI is developing the next generation of Artificial General Intelligence, that will provide a universal platform to go far beyond the capabilities of Deep Learning based AI in platforms and applications today.

The first step was to develop a new foundation for spiking neural networks and the tools for designing, training and evolving them. These provide a much more flexible and powerful neural network architecture that works more like the human brain and overcomes the limitations of specialized, narrow, deep neural nets.

ORBAI will then provide the AGI platform upon which advanced services and applications are developed, and provide an API to the platform developers for mobile, smart appliances, home automation, autonomous vehicles and robotics to integrate with the AGI via our SAAS platform.

We will build a small set of applications for a subset of the platforms as a start, while cultivating an ecosystem of 3rd party developers to build applications and provide services through our platform as well as developers to build out front-ends for the various platforms. This approach will allow us to grow our markets quickly, laterally and vertically, as our AGI expands exponentially in capabilities as well.

AGI In Multiple Verticals

ORBAI AGI In Medicine

For a near-term application in medicine, the ORBAI AGI could enable initial intake of a patient via conversational speech and taking vital stats with Bluetooth sensors, creating a concise e-mail to their practitioner, saving hospital staff time, and increasing efficiency for medical services.

For a long-term application in medicine, the ORBAI AGI could model the alternating diagnostics and treatment progression of specific diseases, giving doctors a tool to plan treatment along a timeline, and to even preempt many conditions and treat them before they become acute.  An AGI doctor could be utilized through a mobile device, with full language, diagnostic, and even treatment suggestion capabilities. 

See our example of Dr Ada Medical AI

ORBAI AGI In Finance & Enterprise

In financial applications, ORBAI AGI could track a massive number of factors that feed into the performance of specific companies, allowing decision makers to have much better predictions of market movements.

For Enterprise and Government Agencies, the AGI could provide enhanced analytics, for forecasting, and decision making in not only finance, but for the sales, marketing, product development, legal, and even HR teams, so they can forecast 4-6 months ahead, run simulations of multiple scenarios forward in time, and make the best decisions.

Financial AI Video:

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In Law, AGI would provide legal research, composition, and filing tools for pro-se litigants and small law firms, making them able to litigate more effectively, and give large law firms tools to deeply research cases, come up with AI - composed exhibits, and plan complex strategies for litigation.

When fully realized, this AGI will be able do many of these things and more with human intelligence - able to take in varied inputs, store and encode them efficiently and able to understand the relationships between different data inputs while continually evolving and improving its understanding over time - to build a model of its world that can be used to predict and plan just like a human and then go beyond  us, all the time conversing with us in our language, with human speech and text.

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AGI Utility Patent, and Drawings US #17575602, Jan 2022

Check out the full specs and our patents on our AGI Web Page


AGI Core SAAS + API for Front End

The global Artificial Intelligence market is projected to grow from $387 USD billion in 2022 to $1,394 billion USD by 2029, exhibiting a CAGR of 20%, according to the Fortune Business Insights report: Artificial Intelligence Market, 2022-2029. Artificial intelligence is being rapidly integrated into corporate processes around the world to improve business operations and consumer experience. Small and medium businesses are also investing in technology to improve the functionality and performance of their operations at a low cost. A significant development in 5G deployment, automation, cloud computing, and large databases, among others, are likely to drive technology demand. 

ORBAI will provide access to the AGI via a Software As A Service model, and license the development tools to our customers and an ecosystem of 3rd party developers that work with them, to facilitate connection of the customer’s front end to the AGI, and integration with our developer’s back-end AGI-enabled services. 

Working with customers and 3rd party developers, ORBAI will deploy and build our technology underneath these vertical applications on the customer-facing front end devices and online services, and on the back end for the content and applications of our AGI, we can achieve the largest and fastest market penetration.

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By partnering with hardware vendors and system integrators such as NVIDIA, AMD, Intel, Dell, HP, Lenovo, and others, we bring our combined solutions to their customers, leveraging their sales and marketing resources.


The founder and CEO of ORBAI, Brent Oster has co-founded the successful video game company Bioware at age 24, which exited for $860 million in 2007.  At NVIDIA, he was a solution architect for 10 years, partnering with companies to leverage NVIDIA acceleration in high performance computing and deep learning.  

His Passion for AGI has driven the development and patenting of the NeuroCAD toolset (now code complete), and of the ORBAI AGI design that is now moving from R&D to patent to development and application in 2022.

To realize this vision, ORBAI is building a focused, brilliant team, and giving them incremental, achievable technological stages and profitable business goals.



NeuroCAD Utility Patent US # 16/437,838 + PTC, filed June 11, 2019

$678,000 Friends and Family Investment Round, 2019-2021

AGI Provisional Patent US #63/138,058, filed Jan 2021

AGI Utility Patent, and Drawings US #17575602, Jan 2022

Shows and Interviews: NVIDIA GTCTech CrunchSingularity University

Featured in Ai AuthorityForbesDojo LiveYahoo FinanceDigital Journal, EIN Newswire

$71,000 / $1M Reg CF round raised on StartEngine since Oct 2021


Closing AGI Pitch Video

ORBAI is a California-based startup developing artificial general intelligence to power smart devices and intelligent online professional services ( ORBAI’s global vision is to bring a brighter future for everyone, and level the playing field, to bring these services to the entire world that provide unparalleled prosperity, health, justice, security, education, and for the first time in human history, bring real hope to all.

Brent Oster, CEO ORBAI