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ORBAI: Artificial General Intelligence

ORBAI is developing Artificial General Intelligence that will enable more advanced AI applications, with conversational speech, human-like cognition, and planning and interaction with the real world, learning without supervision. It will find first use in smart devices, homes, and robotics, then in online professional services with an AGI at the core powering them. 

Come invest in us for as little as $250 and be a part of the future of AI:

What we usually think of as Artificial Intelligence (AI) today, when we see human-like robots and holograms in our fiction, talking and acting like real people and having human-level or even superhuman intelligence and capabilities, is actually called Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), and it does NOT exist anywhere on earth yet. What we actually have for AI today is much simpler and much more narrow Deep Learning (DL) that can only do some very specific tasks better than people and has fundamental limitations that will not allow it to become AGI, simply because since computers were invented, their most significant limitation is that they are unable to interpret the real world around them. They have counted on humans to format the world into data the computers can understand and operate on, and for humans to interpret the results and even modern deep learning is subject to this limitation. AI researchers agree that today’s narrow deep learning and machine learning is too simplistic to ever match the human brain and our broad intellectual capacity and that it will instead take more powerful and flexible artificial general intelligence (AGI) to enable human-level AI and to go beyond it, which is what we propose here.

ORBAI is developing and patenting more general AI methods that can dynamically decompose any reality it perceives into fundamental building blocks that it can use to understand and manipulate that reality with the native mathematical language of linear algebra and computers, then reconstruct its results from the building blocks back to reality, giving a computer the ability to work with general inputs and general real-world computations by proxy (from the patent): 

A method for artificial general intelligence that can simulate human intelligence, implemented by taking in any form of arbitrary input data, the method comprising Learning to transform the arbitrary input data into an internal numerical format, then performing a plurality of numerical operations, the plurality of numerical operations comprises learned and neural network operations, on the arbitrary input data in the internal format, then  transforming the arbitrary input data into output data having output formats using a reciprocal process learned to transform the output data from the arbitrary input datawherein all steps being done unsupervised.

Raw inputs are autoencoded to engrams (4D volumes in 3D space and time), which are reduced to a basis set of engram vectors by a hierarchical autoencoder network, then transformed into basis coordinates, which are 1D vectors with a time component, and hierarchical basis coordinates for more abstracted operations. These time-series basis coordinates form the memory narratives that record all of the reality experience by the AGI into a numerical format, so it can do operations on these basis coordinates, including numerical operations, filters, predictors, and more complicated operations using spiking neural net solvers. The results (in this basis coordinate format) are then decoded back into engrams and outputs in reality, such as speech, video, motion control (avatars or robot).

Check out our AGI Utility Patent, and Drawings for details.

With these developments, ORBAI will take the first steps towards AGI that can perceive the real world, reduce those perceptions to an internal format that computers can understand, yet still plan, think and dream like a human, then convert the results back to human understandable form, and even converse fluently using human language, enabling online professional services in finance, medicine, law, and other areas. It can also add these enhanced analytics, forecasting, and decision making capabilities to financial forecasting and enterprise software - where it can be used by businesses large and small

The business model is to license the development tools and a developer toolkit to our customers and 3rd party developers that work with them, then provide access to the AGI as SAAS, enabling our developer network to connect to it with data and applications for various customer needs. This would completely revolutionize planning in finance, medicine, law, administration, agriculture, enterprise, industrial controls, traffic monitoring and control, network management,... and almost any field of human endeavor where we need to predict future trends to make decisions in the present.

For a near-term application in medicine, it could model the progression and treatment of specific diseases, giving doctors a tool to plan treatment along a timeline, and to even preempt many conditions and treat them before they become acute.
In financial applications, it could track a massive number of factors that feed into the performance of specific stocks, including modeling the behavior of opposing traders and bots - and allow stockbrokers to make much better predictions of market movements.
ORBAI’s AGI Eta Video gives a more comprehensive overview.

ORBAI is a California-based startup developing artificial general intelligence to power smart devices and intelligent online professional services ( On Sept 30, ORBAI launched a $5M equity crowd-funding round on to fund the development of the core AGI technology that will be licensed to companies doing devices and AI professional services.



NeuroCAD Utility Patent US # 16/437,838 + PTC, filed June 11, 2019

$678,000 Friends and Family Investment Round, 2019-2021

AGI Provisional Patent US #63/138,058, filed Jan 2021

AGI Utility Patent, and Drawings US #17575602, Jan 2022

Shows and Interviews: NVIDIA GTCTech CrunchSingularity University

Featured in Ai AuthorityForbesDojo LiveYahoo FinanceDigital JournalEIN NewswireQuora 

$65,000 / $1M Reg CF round raised on StartEngine since Oct 2021

ORBAI’s global vision is to bring a brighter future for everyone, and level the playing field, to bring these services to the entire world that provide unparalleled prosperity, health, justice, security, education, and for the first time in human history, bring real hope to all.

Brent Oster, CEO ORBAI