Claire Concierge

Claire is an Artificially Intelligent Concierge displayed as a life-size hologram that you can walk up to and verbally ask about travel, including: weather, flights, hotels, rental cars, and restaurants. She will tell you her top pick and provide a full HTML list of options you can book on Expedia or Yelp (and she can even send it to you via e-mail).  She has state of the art speech recognition and voice synthesis and can answer very complex queries with her AI engine. Claire is also chatty and funny, can play games, tell jokes, and has full Wikipedia and pop culture knowledge, albeit with a British twist.

Claire is instantiated in a life-size holographic display where she will act as a Concierge and draw crowds at conferences, hotel lobbies, airports, shopping malls, and any public concourses. She can be rendered on a transparent 85” ‘Holographic’ panel with a projector, or a normal 75” 4K TV to be more compact and easier to install and move, allowing setup in minutes.

If you are interested in having Claire at your location, please visit her web page and submit an enquiry
(British for inquiry):

orbai is a Silicon Valley based company, focused on creating artificial employees that can do real jobs, with AI that allows them to interact verbally and visually with human beings through 3D computer characters, and to access local and Internet-based information resources in milliseconds, making them near-superhuman employees within their vocational specialty.