Neural Network CAD Designers( 4 years Visual FX Technical Director)

Designation: Neural Network CAD Designers

Offered Salary : Negotiable

Key Skills: Particle System Authoring and coding, some knowledge of C/C++ and Python, Interest in Neuroscience, Intelligence, Creativity, Imagination

Job Description

Neural Network CAD Designers - Actually more like technical directors / 3D artists with a background in visual FX in games or film that have designed particle systems, and have an eye for how these systems flow in 3D and interact, and how to tune them to get a desired result.

What ORBAI is building are more realistic spiking neural networks, using accurate mathematical models of biological neurons, that propagate signals through the network in time like real neurons, that learn like real human brains do, in the real world from experience, and practice. The neural nets are more like giant particle simulations, with 3D flow of spikes between layers of neurons that require an eye for tuning and adjusting these massive 3D simulations.

Brent Oster,  CEO ORBAI