Neural AI Architects( Computational Neuroscience, Programming Spiking Neural Networks)

Designation: Neural AI Architects

Offered Salary : Negotiable

Key Skills: Neuroscience, Spiking Neural Networks, C/C++ Programming, Intelligence, Creativity, Imagination,

Job Description

ORBAI is building advanced neural network architectures that have no historical precedent. There are no available toolkits. Tensorflow and Siraj Tutorials on YouTube are not applicable. Despite all the hype, today's Deep Learning is not AI and never will be. The 'neuron' models are too simple, the networks too static, and the rigid training methodologies too confining to work dynamically on large-scale real-world applications.


What ORBAI is building are more realistic spiking neural networks, using accurate mathematical models of biological neurons, that propagate signals through the network in time like real neurons, that learn like real human brains do, with the BICHNN architecture and Hebbian Learning so they can learn on-the fly, in the real world from experience, and practice.


This is not even remotely easy, but accomplishing this will revolutionize AI and the world it is applied in. We need people that can see beyond the Tinkertoys of today's DL world, that can truly innovate, take a leap into the unknown with confidence, to conceive architectures for real AI, and who bring skills and knowledge in neuroscience, computational neuroscience, psychologists, software engineering, programming, art, writing, and vision to the effort..


If taking on challenges this hard, building truly revolutionary artificical intelligence, and changing the world with it sound like what you would like to do, please reach out. We will be hiring soon.


Brent Oster