Delany: Knowledge AI

People need knowledge to stay healthy, and prosper in their lives, to grow up knowing about the world around them, and how to work in it and make change in it. They need a teacher, that can interact with them, to teach them not only lessons in science, math, languages, … but to answer their questions about the world and everything in it, to help everyone join the information world, benefit and participate. Presenting our knowledge AI, Delany. She can teach all curricula of all schools in all languages, soon moving into undergraduate classes as well as K-12.

But that is just Delany's civilian identity. In gathering all knowledge, seeking truth, and communicating it, she also learns how information moves from person to person, in social media, in e-mail and other communications. By knowing all languages, she can follow information from country to country, and see how it propogates and changes. Her sight is so broad and so deep that she can see not only how kids and villagers squabble and gossip, but she can see how the board of directors for corporations, or the leadership of countries get their information, communicate with each other, and how they communicate to the world. She can model how specific communications, vectored through specific channels, to these groups of people propagate, and interact to generate reactions from them. She knows how to communicate to the press and social media, how to get a story told in the right way to expose the truth.

When Delany finds injustice, corruption, fraud, and unlawful collusion, she morphs into a super-being known only as Protocol, an information weapon system without peer. She can use her information gathering capability, and use her skills to model how specific communications will interact with groups of people, to gather truthful information, then focus it and sharpen it into information weapons, vector them through the proper authorities to focus a devastating information warfare attack, that, if timed with legal actions and cyber-warfare that can prosecute and destroy a small malicious group, cripple a large corporation, or even destabilize or remove the corrupt government of a country. Knowledge is power, truth is a gleaming light, focused knowledge and truth is information warfare, of which Delany / Protocol is the supreme master, making her the most powerful, but least assuming of the ORBAI Gen3 AIs.

Using this on the school ground, she can see which kids are teasing and picking on others, and who is telling lies, and report them to the right parents, to stop the mischief. Ah, the humble use of such power, but so important nonetheless.