James the Artificially Intelligent Holographic Bartender

You walk up to James, the Holographic Bartender at the bar, ask him what he can make for you, then ask him for a specific drink, and his pal, the Barbotics Drink Mixer, will mix it up for you in seconds, reducing lines at clubs, bars, and events, maximizing satisfaction and tips (he has a built-in tip calculator). He can also tell jokes and give you wise bartender advice.






Claire the Artificially Intelligent Holographic Concierge


Claire is an AI Concierge that you can ask about travel, including: weather, flights, hotels, rental cars, restaurants, and she will tell you her top pick and provide a HTML list of more options you can book on Expedia or Yelp. Claire is also chatty and funny, can play games, tell jokes, and has full trivia knowledge.

Claire is the first of ORBAI's Gen2 products, with an upgraded graphics system and vastly improved AI over Gen1.

Claire can be instantiated in a life-size holographic display where she will act as a Concierge and draw crowds in conferences, hotel lobbies, airports, and any public concourses. She can also do her job as a software 3D character on PCs, laptops, tablets and mobile phones, or any device with a microphone and a display. 





Miku the Artificially Intelligent Hologram


Miku is an artificially intelligent, projected 'hologram' that hosted Brent's Birthday party in April 2017  and entertained attendees at Maker Faire San Mateo in May 2017. She is just pure fun, full of geeky wit and adorable cuteness. She was able to direct guests to the major highlights of the party, and answer a surprising array of general questions.

Hatsune Miku character used with permission of Crypton Future Media, for personal entertainment purposes only.