Developer Program

ORBAI is developing the next generation of artificial intelligence (AI) technology. Imagine speech interfaces that converse with you fluently, and get better just by talking to you, and pick up your vocabulary and sayings, artificial vision systems that learn to see and identify objects in the world as they encounter them, and robots, drones, cars, toys, consumer electronics and homes that use all of this together to truly perceive the world around them, precisely plan and control their actions and movement, and learn as they explore and interact, and truly become artificially intelligent and much more useful.

A very important part of that effort is to get our tools and technology into the hands of talented developers and give them the resources to learn how to create very advanced and full featured solutions for their customers (that other companies cannot with simpler deep learning tools). How would you like to be developing the next generation of AI applications like the above and launching a revolution in the process? Our NeuroCAD pipeline can give you that.

Here is a high-level version of what the NeuroCAD pipeline looks like for designing, training and evolving spiking neural networks:

The NeuroCAD tool-chain (being developed in conjunction with the US National Science Foundation) is actually a discrete set of apps that are used in a pipeline to go from designing neural networks in the GUI, to evolving those and shaping them to a specific task or function, then taking that genome and expanding it into full neural net connectomes that either you or your client can then train with their data, to save out a trained connectome file with all the synapse weights that they can deploy in their end product, services, and applications. Remember, even though you pre-trained it, this network continues to learn in the field with our neural network architecture. Vision networks can learn to 'see' and identify new things in the environment, and whole sensory - cognition - control systems can learn to operate in their environment. All you have to do is dial the synaptic plasticity to allow the amount of post deployment learning that is appropriate.

As an ORBAI developer, you get access to the NeuroCAD tool suite, pre-built genomes that you can expand to neural nets in NeuroCAD (and use to start working with), and use to train using the pipeline and integrate into finished AI solutions for your customer that can do much more than other previous technologies. If you are interested in becoming a Beta Developer (available Jan 2020), please contact Brent Oster ( I would be very interested in hearing what your AI experiences have been like and perhaps you may be interested to see if the NeuroCAD tools we are developing could be helpful when they are ready.