Dr Ada - Medical AI

We need a healer that can take the wonders of North American and European medicine, its power to diagnose and treat disease, encapsualte it in an AI and take it everywhere, to the rest of the world, to heal the sick, and get them on their feet so a better world for them is even possible. Introducing an advanced medical AI with the same diagnoses and treatment capability, using the advanced medical databases…for the whole world, Dr Ada, Medical AI

Dr Ada starts as a simple interactive character on mobile, anywhere in the world, or in a doctor's office in a kiosk, where she can interview you about your background, lifestyle, and then about your current symptoms. She can take your basic vitals, like blood pressure, pulse, temperature, ...  and then search using this information, to see what medical conditions may be causing your symptoms. She can pass these on to the doctor, or if none is available, tell you what the condition might be and suggest treatment.

In time, she will soon be equipped with the ability to analyze labs, read radiology scans, do visual exams, and even physical exams with a dexterous and sensitive robot hand (or two) in the doctor's office. She will keep learning medical information, keeping up on all the latest human research in medicine, diagnostics, treatments, new drugs in trial, and even paying attention to all the local healers out in the fields and jungles of remote rural areas, who have spent generations doing their own clinical trials of herbs, plants, and animal parts to treat most human maladies. Dr Ada will soon have the largest, best-organized database of all human medical knowledge and be able to give pharmacutical companies unique insight into novel cures that have been latent in human knowledge for generations.

As she becomes a globe-spanning medical superintelligence, Dr Ada will be able to see more, reach further, and to help us find new treatments, cures and preventative measures for medical conditions that have plaugued us for milennia. She will be able to spot outbreaks of contagous diseases, see how they are spreading, and quickly interdict to isolate and treat them.

Dr Ada is our Hero of Healing.