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Enterprise and Finance

Enterprise and Finance Applications

In financial applications, the AGI could track a massive number of factors that feed into the performance of specific companies, allowing decision makers to have much better predictions of market movements. By training the predictors on data that encompasses TSBCs generated from past stock charts, external data about the company, about similar companies, competitors, world data, and anything related to the target company’s ecosystem, we could create automated trading algorithms that would be able to greatly outperform human traders simply by seeing more deeply into a wider data set than humans ever could, and predicting more accurately. To be more specific, they would learn a model of how groups of human traders and existing automated trading algorithms react to these factors and then front-run, or trade ahead of them to make higher margins based on the subsequent market movements.

For Enterprise and Government Agencies, the AGI could provide ERP tools for enhanced analytics, for forecasting, and decision making in not only finance, but for the sales, marketing, product development, legal, and even HR teams, so they can forecast 4-6 months ahead, run simulations of multiple scenarios forward in time, and help the human users make the best decisions based on the outcomes of these simulations.


AGI-augmented ERP tools would provide an AGI-assisted platform that lets executives and high-level employees spend more time collaborating on content. The AGI would be an integral part of this collaborative process, gathering data, formatting it into charts, graphs, and reports, communicating as a team member in human language and acting as an overseer, focusing and coordinating the activities of the teams. 

Let’s just pause and consider that. When a corporate executive team adopts the AGI-ERP tool, it suddenly gains another team member that speaks their language both in text and graphically, can integrate with them seamlessly, take on an enormous workload, and does so working with a prescience that no human has, being able to truly forecast into the future to predict the outcomes of potential plans months, even years in advance.

These AGI-ERP tools also offer many benefits such as standardization of common processes into one integrated system, standardized AGI-generated reporting, key performance indicators (KPI), and access to common data with a centralized system that provides tight integration with all major enterprise functions be it HR, planning, procurement, sales, customer relations, finance or analytics, as well to other connected application functions. 

By being able to predict, set and track KPIs and critical success factors, the AGI-ERP suite can keep projects and divisions on track and prevent organizations from making costly mistakes.

Once these tools are adopted worldwide, their true power to enact global change is revealed. The financial AI can achieve greater than any brokerage’s financial returns, and as it is adopted globally, tap into massive wealth, of which a portion can be redirected to fund subsidence living for those most in need. 1% of 500 trillion in world wealth per year would go a long way to ending world poverty and hunger for the 15% of the population living below the extreme poverty line, and give them low cost automated trading accounts that hold a minimum percentage balance to invest so they too can also grow their net worth and prosper and break the cycle of poverty.

The Enterprise planning AGI can suggest and fund joint projects that companies and governments can work on for mutual benefit, such as planning and development of new, inexpensive, high efficiency solar panels deployed in international energy farms, and higher energy capacity batteries in inexpensive electric cars and home power grids that span nations. The AI would undertake planning and coordination of these mega-projects to accomplish them by sub-tasking individual corporations and government agencies, coordinating their efforts and financing - more efficiently and faster than human administration could, making them more feasible and profitable, and succeed in their execution where humans have only failed before.

Such forecasting and planning AGI could have applications for every company, government agency, and person on earth, and help guide our collective efforts to truly bring change to the world.