James Gen3

James the Holographic Bartender with Gen3 Humanoid AI

James is a 6ft tall projection of an animated character onto special glass that makes him seem to stand in mid-air as he gestures and moves around. James has a full speech interface and you can interact with him, ask him questions, and order drinks! He is a fully functional bartender when paired with the Barbotics robot drink mixer at his side and can mix up to a dozen tasty cocktails. He can also give information about the venue he is at, in this case questions about the exhibiting companies in the GTC Expo hall and general questions about the conference. He can also give advice, tell you the weather, even look up things off Wikipedia, including drink recipes, and …. He even tells jokes on demand.

In designing James, we had a vision of a handsome, rustic yet soulful middle aged man with deep eyes full of wisdom and life experience. His look needed to be a mix of sexy, sophisticated, and sharp. Capable of making you feel at ease just being in his presence, he has a dependable way about him. He offers sage life advice to your troubling woes and can cheer you up with his witty comebacks and jokes.

When you walk up to James, his new vision systems and patented face tracking algorithms start watching you, and when your mouth starts to move, it cues him to start listening to you, eliminating the need to use a keyword like ‘Hey James’ every time you talk to him, making the interaction much more natural and conversational. James will only get better with time, as ORBAI is working on upgrading his technology to our Gen 3 technology that will make use of our Humanoid AI with novel spiking neural nets that can learn to see, hear, speak, and control movement using a neural architecture similar to the sensory and motor cortices in our human brain.

ORBAI's Humanoid AI is our flagship, using our neural net technology to power our artificial people, giving them vision, hearing, speech, and lifelike animation so they can interact with you and be able to work real jobs, like Claire the Concierge, and James the Bartender, and Ada the Greeter. By using near-photorealistc computer graphics for our 3D animated characters, we can project them life-size at 4K onto holographic screens that makes them look like they are standing right in front of you, suspended in mid air. This same technology can also extend directly to humanoid robots that can interact just as realistically once the robotic hardware matures.

link: ORBAI Demo Video

We prototype and test this technology in our humanoid hologram and android creations because driving the sensory system, AI, and motion control of humanoids takes far more advanced, powerful, and flexible neural networks architectures than what today's DL technologies can deliver, making it also ideal for motor control and sensory applications like vision, hearing and touch in these and other robotic, drone, auto, smart appliance, and smart home applications.

ORBAI Gen 3 AI uses time-domain neural networks that are an advancement of spiking neural networks, which work more like the human nervous system, with realistic computer models of dynamic, spiking neurons, synapses, axons, dendrites and signals that propagate in time and space, woven together into a novel, self-learning configuration we call Bidirectional Interleaved Complementary Hierarchical Neural Networks.

NeuroCAD is a software tool with a UI for designing our Dynamic Neural Networks. It allows the user to lay out the layers of spiking neurons, connect them up algorithmically, crossbreed and mutate them to generate a population of similar neural nets, then run simulations on them, train them, cull the underperformers, and then crossbreed the top performing designs and continue the genetic algorithms till a design emerges that meets the performance criteria set by the designer.

These kind of advanced tools like NeuroCAD are necessary to develop these dynamic spiking neural networks because there is no human intuition for how to construct and connect these networks. We provide a visual tool with intuitive and simple methods for people to specify the connection schemes using a parametric gene mapping. We will allow users to run the spiking neural nets on CPU, GPU, and neuromorphic processors like Intel Loihi and IBM True North.

Once we implement his Humanoid AI with ORBAI Gen 3 technology, James will continue to learn dynamically, from experience, constantly getting better at recognizing faces and people, at reading their emotions. He will get better at hearing and understanding what they are saying and being able to reply and converse with them more fluidly. He will get the drink orders right more often, learning to lip-read as well as listen in a noisy room. He will realistically move, speak, lip-sync and make expressions. In time. people will gaze on him in wonder, this humble bartender become AI Icon, this artificial man who is learning and growing in intelligence each day, bounded only by the hardware we can put behind his AI.