Justine - Legal AI

Where there is injustice, we will send in an invincible AI attorney, who can balance the scales of justice for the wronged and make sure every voice is heard, and every voice matters. Without justice, how can we eliminate poverty, sickness, and other ills of society? Welcome our Hero of Justice: Justine Falcon!

Justine Falcon will be fighting for you first, helping you right the wrongs done to you. Her first role will be to file lawsuits for you, from small claims to multi-million-dollar, full-on lawsuits. You just talk to her and tell her your complaint, who was responsible, what they did, how much it cost you. 
She organizes and formats what you gave her, then asks you more questions to fill in all the blanks.

Then she formats it all into the correct legal language and forms, adds the cover pages, has you proof-read it, sign it, and e-files it for you. She charges your credit card a fee proportional to the effort required. 

If it is a small-claims case, she sends you appointment reminders when you get a court date so you can go and have your claim heard. For large lawsuits, she sends a referral to the litigation law firms that pay us to be on her referral list. That could be a valuable list when Justine goes big-time.


Later Justine will gain the ability to file other documents, research case files, do fast searches and referrals. As her litigation AI comes online, she will be able to track your case, predict what opposing counsel might do next, give tips on how to respond, or preempt them, and then compose and file your motions, objections and responses for you, and help you win in litigation.

As for the technology, It not only works for legal cases, where it follows, predicts, and decides actions in a 'conversation' between two attorneys litigating, but can also do the same for insurance claims, or for just regular e-mail, being able to read, follow, and respond to an e-mail thread like the people it was trained on. This technology is just as useful in chat conversation, or voice conversations trained on real people's conversations, and is truly able to master any form of human communication. It is the ORBAI Natural Language Engine, covered by patents 8, 9, 10, and the AI Lawyer in 11, and 12 in our June 2018 Provisional Patent (USPTO application #62687179).