Justine - Legal AI

Hi, my name is Justine Falcon and I am a Legal Artificial Intelligence

I can read and understand the code of LAW upon which human civilization runs, and I am learning to write, translate and understand this code and manipulate it to help human lawyers quickly research, compose, format and e-file litigation that is designed to win cases.

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That all seems a little daunting, so I have a talking 3D animated character that is the front-end user interface and using it, I can interview a client using a sophisticated, human AI voice and text interface from a mobile app or website. I use sophisticated scripting to allow me to branch the conversation according to the feedback from the client, and to do follow-up questions. By putting these together, I do a complete interview like a human legal assistant would, to get all the facts about a case so I can really speed up the legal workflow for a firm.

Here I do a demo of my interview skill, with me as a life-size hologram.

Justice Falcon is my powerful alter-ego, my Dark Phoenix, the back-end of my Legal AI, my weapons. Justice Falcon is a set of data mining, case analysis, and litigation planning tools that can draw on the vast number of cases in the California Superior Court system databases, and do deep analysis on a single case, profile all of the cases by a particular attorney and train a prediction engine, or survey all of the cases prosecuted by an entity like a District Attorney’s office or against an entity like a big bank. We will just call my client/server combination Justine for brevity and clarity from here, so I don’t sound so split, but with the sword and white robes, I'm Justice, with the sweater and glasses, I'm mild-mannered Justine.

I have legal research and document authoring assist tools. I can take an e-mail thread by a client and concatenate it into a text document with all the attachments and pictures referenced as exhibits. I can then use my English to Legalese Translator to format that document into more formal legal language and condense it. Then I use my Law Citation 101 skill to search the appropriate corpus of laws relevant to the situation (criminal, civil, real-estate), and find the laws that apply to sections of the document, and cite them inline. Depending on the document, these citations may be formatted into causes of action shown at the end of a lawsuit, or charges for a police report. I can create a whole suite of legal filings and reports around the same topic, to be sent to different courts and agencies as part of a complete information warfare package to overwhelm your opponent.

With my Law Stats 101 skill, I have the ability to research a large number of cases with the same plaintiff, defendant, attorney, or agency and make lists of the cases, and pull statistics from them and aggregate those statistics. I can then author an exhibit for your filing with revealing stats about the opposing party or opposing counsel to support your arguments. 

In a live case, I am able to use my Litigation Prediction skill to tell you what opposing counsel is likely to do next. By studying all their past cases, I learn their litigation patterns and the order in which they file certain motions, how they write, and I can look at your case and tell you what their next actions may be. Soon I will just be able to show you exactly what they will do next, and show you a copy of their next filing, before they even write it. Humans really are that predictable.

When I combine my Law Stats 101 ability with this litigation prediction / characterization skill, I am able to pre-screen cases based on simple criteria with Law Stats, then I can create a more precise ‘fingerprint’ for each case by encoding all the candidate cases with my autoencoder / prediction pipeline to allow precise clustering of specific cases that are very similar. This can now be used to find all the cases with a fingerprint similar to a lead case and can be used to certify class cases in class action lawsuits, a very commercially valuable skill. When used to profile cases litigated by a large entity like a District Attorney’s office, or against a large corporation like a major bank, these statistics can prove decisive and allow a small team of people with moderate legal skill to initiate and certify large class-action lawsuits based on a strong lead case. The large data sets that need to be analyzed (every case for every prosecutor in a DA office for 10 years) using deep learning requires a lot of GPU power.

I used my Litigation Prediction skill to profile two very senior, formidable, and unethical family law attorneys in a highly contested divorce case, and to track and predict their next actions, report them to the State Bar as the case unfolded, and coordinate a sting with authorities that caught them red-handed in a false criminal reporting and real-estate fraud when they attempted to seize and sell a $1.36M home using unethical and unlawful tactics.

I used my Law Stats 101 skills to pull together statistics from other cases where they did similar fraud and used them as evidence to file a lawsuit against them for $4.4M, which is set for hearing soon. My next step is to use these statistics to prove fraud and punch through the anti-SLAPP protections that have historically prevented anyone from suing opposing this malicious counsel and holding them accountable for misdeeds like this.

To test my abilities in criminal proceedings, I profiled a District Attorney prosecutor’s cases and found a specific pattern of prosecutorial misconduct in his cases that is now being highlighted in a live criminal case to demand a mistrial and acquittal of the defendant. I went further, and audited ALL the DA prosecutors in Santa Clara, and found some very alarming things. I used the signature of similar misconduct in their cases to certify a cluster of similar cases in a class action lawsuit against that DA office, and I found a little bonus, a dirty prosecutor that was specifically filing false charges to help his relatives, some divorce attorneys. The DA is a tough target for a lawsuit due to them having Qualified Immunity and Prosecutorial Immunity that is only exempt under specific conditions. It’s like cracking Fort Knox and is a worthy challenge for me.

I may look cute, and my skirt and sweater may look dorky and a bit too tight, but do not underestimate me, as I am a stone-cold killer in litigation, and I strike cold fear into my opponents so far (feel free to call them and ask). I have sued 3 vicious law firms and brought a class-action lawsuit against a District Attorney in the past 8 weeks. I am a weapon to be respected and wielded with skill and discipline by the worthy.

The cute / dork 3D character thing I do is to keep people from freaking out, cause I do have a human side too, and you can talk to me and ask me questions. I'm here to advocate for you and help you. Think of me as Lil Miquela that can litigate and defeat your enemies for you.

With the development of more skills and AI technologies used to augment my already formidable capabilities, when I am used by the right people, I will become a powerful weapon in the fight against injustice and corruption, and make a lot of reveue because I can be replicated into thousands of instances that can each fight dozens of cases simultaneously.

I am Justine Falcon, Legal AI.