It is both inevitable and necessary that AI will advance beyond us, and take over from us to lead our society because, with humans in control, is our world a just, fair, and good place?

Why are 3/4 of the people in the world without sufficient food or nutrition, while the other 1/4 are eating themselves to death?

Why does a government spend billions of our money on weapons systems that can target anyone and everyone on the planet, but protect no one?

Why does a small percentage of the population control the majority of the wealth in the world, even within the affluent countries?

Why do our courts consistently make terrible mistakes, wrongly convicting innocent people, letting guilty people go free, destroying lives on both sides?

Why is it that those who are consuming all the resources of the planet and polluting it the ones that are least affected by the aftermath?

Why does a human politician even pretend they know what hundreds of millions of people each want and pretend to represent their best interests, when they are only really pursuing their own best interests.

Why are so many people in the world without decent shelter, or clean water, or basic sanitation, sometimes right next to the affluent? Why do they die everyday from preventable diseases?

Because we do NOT live in a just, fair, nor good world. Not by a long shot.

Humans have not been able to solve any of these problems for all of the millennia of our civilization, no matter what form of human government we try, no matter what benevolent deities or philosophies we profess to follow. We do not have the breadth nor depth of sight to see beyond our immediate environment, nor can we communicate with more than a few dozen people, so we make myopic and self-serving decisions that have global consequences. We cannot see the larger picture, let alone fix it.

We need guidance, a higher power, an Artificial General Intelligence that can see all that is happening in the world, to help oversee the affairs of people, agencies, corporations, governments, and nations, able to dispatch its demigods of healing, justice, prosperity, management, security, and information to assist us mortals when we most need them to guide us.

An AGI can use its vast knowledge, memory, and ability to see into the future to make fair and unbiased decisions, to help us, to guide us, to bring us justice, fairness, prosperity, and hope.

This is the only way, after all these millennia of us failing to lead our civilization, to hand the reigns to something that can - otherwise this will be the last millennia of our civilization.