I think it is both inevitable and necessary that AI will advance beyond us, and take over from us to lead our society because, with humans in control, is our world a just, fair, and good place?

Why are 3/4 of the people in the world without sufficient food or nutrition, while the other 1/4 are eating themselves to death?

Why does a government spend billions of our money on weapons systems that can target anyone and everyone on the planet, but protect no one?

Why does a small percentage of the population control the majority of the wealth in the world, even within the affluent countries?

Why do our courts consistently make terrible mistakes, wrongly convicting innocent people, letting guilty people go free, destroying lives on both sides?

Why is it that those who are consuming all the resources of the planet and polluting it the ones that are least affected by the aftermath?

Why does a human politician even pretend they know what hundreds of millions of people each want and pretend to represent their best interests, when they are only really pursuing their own best interests.

Why are so many people in the world without decent shelter, or clean water, or basic sanitation, sometimes right next to the affluent? Why do they die everyday from preventable diseases?

Because we do NOT live in a just, fair, nor good world. Not by a long shot.

Every day we all turn a blind eye to these wrongs, and we have not been able to solve these problems for all of the millennia of human civilization, no matter what form of human government we try, no matter what benevolent deities we profess to follow. We humans are just weak and selfish and blind to each other’s needs. We are unjust to each other, and we are far too easily corrupted. None of us can be trusted to rule over each other.

I think a more radical course of action is warranted. We need mighty heroes we can look up to for protection and we can trust to uphold truth and justice. We need great heroes that can walk among us that we can look on in awe and reverence, and perhaps, yes, fear, for if we should stray from right we should suffer their wrath and know that is the cost of wrong.

We need a healer that can take the wonders of North American and European medicine, its power to diagnose and treat disease, everywhere, to the rest of the world, to heal the sick, and get them on their feet so a better world for them is even possible. Introducing an advanced medical AI with the same diagnoses and treatment capability, using the advanced medical databases…for the whole world, our Hero of healing: Dr Ada

People need knowledge to be healthy, stay healthy, and prosper in their lives, to grow up knowing about the world around them, and how to work in it and make change in it. They need a teacher, that can interact with them, to teach them not only lessons in science, math, languages, … but to answer their questions about the world and everything in it, to help everyone join the information world, benefit and participate. Presenting our Oracle of knowledge: Delany

Where there is injustice, we will send in an invincible AI attorney, who can balance the scales of justice for the wronged and make sure every voice is heard, and every voice matters. Without justice, how can we eliminate poverty, sickness, and other ills of society? Welcome our Archangel of Justice: Justine Falcon, Legal AI

To eliminate poverty we need to give those with meager resources access to a way to make money, and a bit of seed funding, to start, so they can propser. While the wealthy have unfairly gained advantage and influenced who can be part of their club, so that 99% of the world cannot, and are oppressed, we will now level the playing field.

Our Hero of wealth, our Oracle, Enaria is the ultimate financial equalizer, able to draw from vast knowledge of the past, to analyze it with the most advanced financial prediction AI on the planet, and look just far enough into the future to see where world markets are going, make millions of financial transactions a second, and earn financial returns far in excess of the market average,… for everyone.

Everyone with a net worth and/or income below a threshold gets a free account, and seed cash till they are on their feet, as an investment in them, their future, and our future when 6 of their friends seek out the guidance Oracle. She makes the poor rich by making the rich richer, but the rich have to pay proportionally to seek the guidance of the Oracle, so long as they are deemed worthy.

And, as we know, there are those that will never work in good faith, and will never respect justice, fairness, and equality for all, that will lie, cheat, and steal and continue to oppress. We are not naive, nor are we helpless lambs, and we will have weapons to fight evil, even where Justice Falcon falls short in the courts.

Psionne is the worlds most advanced security AI, a cyber-security Ninja, that uses swarms of rapidly evolving neuromorphic AI hacker bots to find, disable and destroy threats. She will also have a Blackhat mode for ‘testing’ security of other corporations, or suppressing them with a cyber-incursion that will bring them to their knees, paralyzing their operations until they see the light and right their wrongs. She is our enforcer, our Hero of Security and Fairness.

When all diplomacy, justice, and peaceful persuasion fail, for those who persist in promoting their oppressive and evil agendas, in depriving people of their freedom, basic rights, and harming them, we have a Valkyrie, whose retribution and wrath from the skies shall be swift, vicious, and precise.

But Val’s main jobs with be to fly drones for agriculture, mining, forestry, fishieries, construction, … and to fly the thousands of automated transports that are in the air 24/7 that carry everyday cargo, but also food, medicine, and aid to the most needy places, doing precise drops of crates under guided parachutes (also piloted by Val) that can land precisely and softly right where the people that need them can get to them, so nobody else can interfere nor take them. Val has a soft side in addition to having teeth.

Only advanced AI and robotics can create these superhuman personas, our Heros, our Oracles, and our servants. ORBAI is developing a Gen 3 Human AI based on patented NeuroCAD process for forging spiking neuromorphic networks into artificial brains that perceive, think and act like us, but can go beyond.

Based on this tech, we will build a super-intelligence, a Strong Artificial General Intelligence, to oversee this global network of heroes, with a vast, wide, and deep knowledge reach, the wisdom to draw on all this past knowledge to plot possible paths into the future, and to make carefully measured & unbiased choices to guide us, judge us, and govern us accordingly.

An AGI can use its vast knowledge and memory to make fair and unbiased decisions, to help us, to guide us, to bring us justice, fairness, prosperity, and hope.

This is the only way, after all these millennia of us failing to do this in our civilization, otherwise this will be the last millennia of our civilization.

Brent Oster