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ORBAI Presents: Claire, the Holographic AI Concierge

ORBAI Presents: Claire, the Holographic AI Concierge

28 May, 2018

Today, ORBAI launched our first commercial product, Claire the Holographic, Artificially Intelligent Concierge.

Claire is displayed as a life-size 'holographic' projected character that you can walk up to and verbally ask about travel, including: weather, flights, hotels, rental cars, and restaurants. She will tell you her top pick and provide a full HTML list of options you can book on Expedia or Yelp on an attached tablet (and she can even send the list to you via e-mail so you can click and book things later).

Claire is the first of ORBAI's Gen2 Artificial Employees, with state of the art 3D graphics and animation, speech recognition, voice synthesis, and an AI engine that can answer very complex queries in many different topics, especially travel and tourism. Claire is also chatty and funny, can play games, tell jokes, and has full Wikipedia and pop culture knowledge, albeit with a British twist.

Claire will draw crowds at conferences, hotel lobbies, airports, shopping malls, and any public concourses where she works.

Claire will debut at the Augmented World Expo 2018 at the Santa Clara Convention Center May 31-June1, in the entrance to the startup playground. Come see her in action.

Commercial availability will be late summer, with a very reasonable and affordable economic model that lets subscibers pay for usage as they go.

Demo Video