Smart Home AI

ORBAI is developing the next generation of artificial intelligence technology for smart homes. We will embody your home with an AI that hears you, sees you, understands you, has a personality that you can talk to conversationally, and that keeps getting smarter and better just by talking to you.

It will use artificial vision systems that learn to see and identify objects, people and pets in your home as it encounters them, and to learn their patterns of what they like to do and when. It will be able to control all of your home’s integral electrical, plumbing and environmental systems as well as appliances, peripherals and devices, including drones and robots that perform functions around the home and provide security.

Deep-learning AI's in other products from Amazon, Google, and others cannot do this, because their voice interfaces only understand key phrases said in a specific way, and cannot speak with you conversationally, nor really learn more as you interact with them, other than storing preferences and statistics about you. Turning light bulbs and appliances on and off with them, and adjusting your thermostat with them and getting weather updates gets pretty mundane very quickly, and this does not meet the definition of a 'Smart' home by any means. 

We are the only company in the world that can do more advanced AI that learns as it sees and experiences new things, by using our Generation 3 Human AI developed in our proprietary NeuroCAD toolkit to evolve and specialize advanced neural networks into artificial vision, hearing, speech, cognition, and motor control cortices, and combine those cortices into an artificial brain,... our Home AI, that can learn to see, hear and speak conversationally, like a human, and to control your home in the way that best fits your lifestyle, learning to interface with all major brands of smart electrical, plumbing, and environmental controls, as well as appliances, devices, home robotics systems, and security.

By using ORBAI’s advanced SNN / BICHNN neural net technology for vision, speech, planning, and control, we allow each of these systems to learn adaptively and improve over time, unlike fixed deep learning systems that are ‘trained’ and then deployed with no ability to learn further. Your new home AI will have adaptive systems that keep learning, and use all of this functionality together to truly perceive your home environment, precisely plan and control the scheduling, actions and control of the home systems, making it all seamless and simple for everyone in the home to interact with, and will become… a member of your family.