Our Team

  • Sindhu Kumari

    Sindhu Kumari - AI Engineer

    Sindhu is an AI Engineer working with ORBAI on NeuroCAD and the Naturual Language Engine project. She has nearly two and half years of professional experience while being associated with Orbai , FuGenx Technology and Raptor Technology, and has in-dep

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  • Dan Morgan

    Dan Morgan - Consulting CFO at Early Growth Financial Services

    Dan is the part-time CFO at ORBAI, helping construct our financial plan and business plan. He specializes in growing teams to meet organizational demands or solving complex problems, and to hire, mentor, and develop teams that allow infrastructures t

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  • Santosh Boddapati

    Santosh Boddapati - Business Analyst

    Santosh is a Business Analyst helping to shape the ORBAI business plan and strategy. He is a recent graduate of the University of Massachussets, Dartmouth with an MBA, where he studied business analytics using tools like R, Python and Tableau.   

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  • Tiffany Whitely

    Tiffany Whitely - 3D Artist and Animator

    Tiffany is a recent graduate of DePaul University's Animation in Game Art program. She specializes in 3D animation, with experience in rigging, modeling, graphicdesign, storyboarding, and concept development.

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  • Anusha Swamy

    Anusha Swamy - AI Engineer

    Anusha works on the facial tracking and animation systems at ORBAI. She is graduating from University of Massachussets Dartmouth where she was doing research in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

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  • zCymatix

    zCymatix - AI and Machine Learning Company

    zCymatix is AI and Machine Learning Company based in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Our product is an advanced NLU and Expert Systems platform powered by Train Of Thought Technology with advanced dialog and semantics capabilities.

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  • Deanna Strinja

    Deanna Strinja - AI Dialog Scripter

    Deanna filled in the custom dialog for Claire to give her the personality that she has, smart, witty, and a bit sarcastic

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  • Red Apple Technologies

    Red Apple Technologies - Character Rigging and Animation

    Red Apple Technologies provides Games & Gamification, Application, Art & Design , Digital marketing services, with a total team of 60+ people that have worked on 70+ mobile apps and 100+ games.

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  • Marcos Cattani

    Marcos Cattani - Character Artist

    Marcos Cattani has a Bachelor degree in Graphic Design and he works independently as a contractor with some international clients, but he's able to work in a team too, and he has worked as employee for some companies in the past.  He's respo

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  • Brent Oster

    Brent Oster - President/CEO

    Brent Oster has 25 years experience in 3D computer graphics, animation, and simulation with Bioware, Electronic Arts, Autodesk, NVIDIA, and 4 years deep learning and AI at NVIDIA. He was the co-founder Bioware and Check Six, and he has completed the

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