Our Team

  • Sindhu Kumari

    Sindhu Kumari - AI Engineer

    Sindhu Kumari is an AI Engineer working with ORBAI on NeuroCAD and the Natural Language Engine project. She has nearly three years of professional experience while being associated with ORBAI, FuGenx Technology and Raptor Technology, and has in-depth

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  • Vlad Burlik and Sergei Nesterenko

    Vlad Burlik and Sergei Nesterenko - cZymatix NLU engine

    Vlad Burlik and Sergei Nesterenko brought the cZymatix NLU engine to a headache diagnosis app for our Nicole Medical AI.  zCymatix is AI and Machine Learning Company based in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Our product is an advanced NLU and Expert Systems p

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  • Marcos Cattani

    Marcos Cattani - Character Artist

    Marcos Cattani is a Lead 3D Artist & has more than 15 years of experience working as generalist on commercials and branding . He has more than 5 years working on game industry as a freelancer for several companies. At Orbai, he is responsable for pre

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  • Brent Oster

    Brent Oster - President/CEO

    Brent Oster has 28 years experience in 3D computer graphics, animation, simulation, and AI with Bioware, Electronic Arts, Autodesk, and NVIDIA. He was the co-founder Bioware and Check Six, and he has completed the Stanford Continuing Studies curricul

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