Gen2 Human AI

Claire is an ORBAI Gen2 AI instantiated in a life-size holographic display where she will act as a Concierge and draw crowds at conferences, hotel lobbies, airports, shopping malls, and any public concourses. She can be rendered on a transparent 85” ‘Holographic’ panel with a projector, allowing setup in minutes.

Claire currently uses ORBAI Gen2 Technology, which is ready to go to market using today's deep learning technologies for speech, vision, and animation. Google Speech recognition feeds a proprietary NLP and query system that can handle most well-phrased queries and find give you reccomendations for restauraunts, hotels, flights, and other ameniities, screened by price, distance, type, and vendor that you specified in your speech query. She will deliver an HTML list of the results she found, which are displayed on the screen, and  she will verbally speak the top listing to you.

Claire will only get better with time, as ORBAI is working on upgrading her technology to our Gen 3 technology that will make use of novel spiking neural nets that can learn to see, hear, speak, and control movement using a neural architecture similar to the sensory and motor cortices in our human brain. Claire will continue to learn dynamically, from experience, constantly getting better at recognizing faces and people, at reading their emotions. She will get better at hearing and understanding what they are saying and being able to reply and converse with users more fluidly, and learning to lip-read as well as listen in a noisy room. She will realistically move, speak, lip-sync and emote like a real person, crossing the uncanny valley to seem almost human and very pleasant to talk and intereact with.