Self-Training Neural Network Architecture
Self-Training Neural Network Architecture

Humanoid Android
Vision, Speech, Control, Animation

Autonomous Driving
Vision ,Speech, Planning, Control

Smart Home
Sensor, Voice, Control AI

Natural Language Engine
Natural Language Engine


ORBAI develops revolutionary AI technology based on our proprietary time-domain neural network architecture for computer vision, sensory, speech, navigation, planning, and motor control technologies that we prototype and test in our humanoid hologram and android creations, then license for applications in AI, robotics, drones, cars, appliances and many consumer applications. Imagine speech interfaces that learn just by talking to you, artificial vision systems that learn to see and identify objects in the world as they encounter them, and robots, drones, and cars that use all of this together

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Our Team

Brent Oster - President/CEO

Brent Oster has 26 years experience in 3D computer graphics, animation, and simulation with Bioware, Electronic Arts, Autodesk, NVIDIA, and 4 years deep learning and AI at NVIDIA. He was the co-founder Bioware and Check Six, and he has completed the Stanford Continuing Studies curriculum of classes in entrepreneurial business, along with his degrees in Aerospace Engineering at University of Toronto and Scientific Computing at UC Santa Barbara. 


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